I'm a wild hearted artist with the soul of a nomad

Based in
Fairbanks, AK

It's me

—About The Creator

Since the 5th grade where I did theatre, to high school where I was on the yearbook staff creating pages & capturing moments of highschool through an old school lens. 

I've always loved being creative—

Never in a million years did I see myself here.!

I pull all of my crazy chaos and bubbly personality into my sessions — you will always hear me laughing, yelling, or joking around to make you feel as comfortable as possible! I want you to feel relaxed and real around me! My goal is to really pull out those genuine laughs and smiles, which is why you will wonder why you hired this crazy woman behind the lens who is acting like a lunatic — but i promise, it works. 

I'm all for the unposed chaos, and I hope my photos tell your story when we do your session. don't be afraid of the session not going the way you plan, because things never do! but thats what makes your session SPECIAL . 

I did not expect for my passion to become so alive, and reach this many people. to freeze moments in time for families, creating lasting memories for them through my camera today. Everyday I think about how blessed I truly am to have this crazy, wild life.

I invest in photos too, and they’re worth every cent. Our babies grow way too fast, and our life goes by way too fast. Trust me; get in front of the camera with your family. it's worth it. 

Want a fun fact?

I get my own family photos done around four times a year. NO JOKE. 

My Vibe

I normally bring a little boom box attached to my camera strap so we can jam out together. Have a specific style of music? let me know, i'll add it to the playlist!

If you like music, you're my kind of people.

I know my client closet is huge and full of beautiful gowns for you to wear for your session, but I will always show up in either leggings, joggers, or sweats with an oversize shirt because I am lazy when it comes to styling myself, and I’m only there to basically run a marathon, lay on the ground, and jump around like a monkey for your kids while I take pictures.
But when it comes to my clients, I go WAY overboard. I have such a passion for styling you guys! Styling is like the sprinkles on the cake — The cake is great by itself, but the sprinkles make it art. 

Let’s get this out of the way — I am not a super fancy person.

I'm not from Alaska, but man do I wish I was. The beauty of this place is mindblowing, and gets my heart racing every time I see it. I'm so blessed to capture your family here. 

My husband's job takes us all around the world, from Illinois (Where I started this business!) all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska, where I hope to settle. I’m not lying when I say I’ve been in more states, houses, and cars in the past few years of my business than I EVER have, and I am so ready to call Alaska my home.
My husband and my children keep my inspiration and fire alive. Because of them, I am who I am today. My children push me to become a better business owner, artist, mother, wife & friend. My children are my everything and I think that's why my passion is in family & motherhood sessions, because I can connect with my clients on that level. I know these moments are just as precious to them as they are to me.

Where I'm From


I promise my goal is to make you and your family look & feel incredible.

Don't feel stressed about it not being perfect, because, I WELCOME imperfection and chaos with each session so that it can be unique to your family.
Because in reality, that is the reality. 

let's make some memories!

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I cannot wait to meet you, and if you’ve made it this far, I’m gonna love you.